The Silhouette

Time is breakable like the holes in the sky Shy is the language filtered through the darkest places within the shadows Drawing pictures of the benevolent Sculpting forms from a persona lacking conviction Fabricating structures of relevance, yet unseen and sublime to the senses Barriers eclipse the sounds of music, translucent and only partially detected…


New Work-

“Delphic Obscurity”-Acrylic on Canvas, 44″x34″- 2016

As much as we attempt to tame and assume that we have dominion over the natural course of existence, it must mindfully and radically except that in actuality we are naively subservient and subordinate to those factors.


  “SPECTRUM OF LIGHT” Colour is one of the elemental entities of visual art. It is properly defined as the property possessed by an object producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way an object reflects or emits light. I believe we introspectively perceive colour subjectively given that it is a…