Hans Hofmann: Catalogue

Han Hofmann (March 21, 1880 – February 17, 1966) was a German-born American artist. Hofmann was by far one of the most important painters of the 20th century. He changed the way we approached colour and the juxtaposition of colour as a multi-leveled entity. Also unlike his contemporaries he was less interested in the spontaneity of…



Rain falls, I’m alone and awake, Saturated memories in the shadows they take. Bring light to the world from ground to the sky, In the purpose of judgement the collective will cry Civil war blood brimstone abound, Golden the era in the lost that is found. Fall beneath the floor boards at the window, afraid, The dust of creation within the realm that He…



She gathers up plants before the banquet, unscene are the thistles in her hand.
The crowd fascinated by her jewellery as hidden stones talk and frolic.
The air thick,  breathing is burdened on the 8th floor as the binded channels of communication are heightened 
Forgive, forget, enlighten and flourish.


The spectrum between frenzy and fury dominates your psyche. The realm and existence that plunders in the aridness. The ever controllable moon, a satellite of contrasts. As the fruit bears witness in the gondola of hope. Bridge the thoughts, taste the fear, breathe and release. Savor a moment secured in continuance. The clamor of nations…